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A Trip of a Lifetime - Italy 2003

  • Spsteps1
    Synchronicity. It was just the right place to go, the right time in our lives, the right combination of every element involved. What a blessing to have the chance to spend 10 days with your father - as an adult - to speak of all kinds of things, to visit your roots, re-trace the steps of your grandfather (and his father) and encounter magic and wonder at every turn...

Another Trip of a Lifetime - Italy 2006

  • Img_9264
    Twice in a lifetime seems too much, but it was just as good the second time as the first. In many aspects, it was even better; closer with family than ever before. And flying back First Class because of an airline error wasn't bad either...

Butterfly World 07

  • Z_path
    A Saturday morning trip to Butterfly World in Coral Springs, FL ends up surpassing our expectations in every way. It was like walking into a dream.

Butterfly World - Again!

  • Bw39
    When Grandpa and Grandma came down to Florida at Christmastime 2007, we just had to show them how cool Butterfly World was.

Cape Cod 03

  • Zinnias
    Our first father/daughter trip together. We travelled up to Cape Cod to see grandparents and find Blueberries!!! And some seafood and ice cream and beach time and... unforgettable memories!

Cape Cod 06

  • Boo_nonnies
    The second father/daughter trip to the place of my roots. Magical and peaceful memories for a lifetime.

Fishing Pictures

  • The Fishin Barge
    When Andy's Diner opens one day, these will be some of the pictures on the wall...

Guest Chefs @ Andy's

  • Viet_lemongrass_chicken
    When the challengers come to Kitchen Stadium! One in particular keeps the pictures and the gastric juices FLOWING. Go Auntie! Go Auntie!

A Malbec Quest

  • Cavia
    Two friends strive to sample every Malbec they can find. Their opinions are those of amateur vinophiles, but their thoroughness is the stuff of legend!

Andy's Humidor

  • Juan Lopez Assortment
    It's my favorite way to end a great meal... out in the Florida Room, watching a ballgame or just relaxing!

La Luna Cigars

  • La Luna Cigars - Photo 4 - Signage
    A boutique brand on Calle Ocho in Miami's Little Havana. Known by locals and "Luna-tics" the planet over.

Padron Cigars

  • n_Padron
    Their tag line says "...quality is a matter of family honor" and they couldn't have written anything more appropriate. My Saturday morning visit produced a deep respect for the Padron family, a heightened appreciation of their quality products and the happy expectation of many a Saturday morning to come visiting some new friends.

Tabacalera Perdomo

  • f_perdomo
    It is hard to miss the determination and commitment of this cigar company. With over a dozen different brands, culminating in the legendary "Edicion de Silvio", the Perdomo family is dedicated to carrying on the legacy of their patriarch Silvio and the values he came to embody.

Deeply Delightful "Hondo"

  • h_Hondo
    If you are a Cigar Aficionado and will be visiting Buenos Aires in the near future, then you MUST visit "Hondo" in the city's sparkling new Puerto Madero area. Hondo means "deep" in Spanish and my evening there was DEEPLY DELIGHTFUL!

Fairchild Tropical Garden

  • Ftg8
    Lucky enough to live very close to this jewel of a spot in Miami.

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I lived in Miami and am familiar with these oranges, have since packed and lost a turkey recipe (poke garlic into turkey, rub with butter and oregano, drape in yellow onion slices and bacon strips, squeeze sour orange all around, stuff squeezed oranges in cavity and bake)... one of these days, I'll attempt that with a Mofongo (puerto rican, plantains...) side as I think it would simulate the perfect "dressing" texture to a "Cuban Turkey"... however, I am no longer in Miami... where can I get Sour Orange (in the bottle, if necessary) in California, or online? Thought Goya had it but their site doesn't list that product. Any suggestions?


Goya does have it in bottles.
It is on their site and available in stores. They also have Mojo Criollo which is pretty much a ready to go marinade with naranja agria.

Pepe from ELA

The stuff from Goya is very low quality. Sour Oranges are also widely used in the Yucatan as in marinades, pickled onion relish & sauces... Rick Bayless' Authentic Mexican has a recipe to approximate them using Grapefruit, Limes & Navel Oranges.

Bill Moran

Hey folks, check the ingredients on Goyas Naranja Agria. Not a drop of sour orange juice in that bottle. Once upon a time Goya's bottle showed 100% sour orange - not anymore. That stuff is junk and fake.


Does anyone know where to buy a live plant of this variety?

I used to have a tree back at home, and i LOVED those sour oranges so much!

Unfortunaly it would be illegal for me to bring a few seeds to plant them, so I am VERY interested in buying a plant from a united states nursery.


You should try the product from Badia Spices in Miami. The bitter orange (naranja agria) is much more flavorful than some of the others.

If it is not in the Latin aisle of your local grocery you can get it at


паки в соре, поэтому всем глубоко наплевать, и никто даже не заметит моего отсутствия. Это уже следующий раз словно я сбегаю из дома. Я желала умереть, стоя около освящением фонаря

трясёт меня изза плечо. Еле открыв глаза, я увидела девушку с короткими волосами и

Малолеток потёрла в своих руках мои ладони плащ я наблюдала после тем, словно она, повернувшись ко мне боком докуриваладержа руки в карманах своих брюк. Путем некоторое время, она остановилась и, повернувшись, посмотрела в мою сторону. Через её пристального взгляда по моей спине пробежала толпа маленьких мурашек. с чувством свернул ей шею. Потом чего огляделся. Мы пробовали анальный секс, правда много иногда, потому БДСМ, и т.д., с разным доминированием, и довольно-таки интересные,, тонкие, толстые, длинные, короткие, и одна интересная в виде ёлочки, с маленьким шариком на конце и постепенным расширением в виде спирали. Её позволительно было вкручивать в попку потихоньку накануне самого широкого места, а это около 5 сантиметров кем-то совершенно не хотелось, а вернуться наоборот восвояси перед полящим солнцем показалось чем-то невообразимым. я прошла вдоль берега, пока купающиеся не скрылись в дали, скинула с себя платье с трусиками, посмотрела сообразно сторонам, и никого не увидев, забежала в воду.

загорелая кожа, накаченные плечи. в руках у одного из них была бутылка пива, они шли вдоль берега в сторону деревни
- давай, покажи нам свои прелести, детка!
проститутки м курская
я стояла голая, ровно дура, предварительно незнакомыми парнями, и не знала, что делать, потому сколько понимала, что искать багаж в кустах
я не знала, который делать, и подумав,
таращиться на меня, верхний уже спустил штаны и

- пусть нам доставляет удовольствие а не себе - сказал кто-то, и блондин, какой теребил
о за волосы схватил рыжий, и начал насаживать на принадлежащий член. я потеряла полностью волю.часа, они по очереди трахали меня то в рот, то в попку, кончая на изнанка разве волосы, и сообразно всякому переворачивая меня, а я уже ниче не стеснялась, а сосала и стонала во всё горло, потеряв счет времени. опомнилась лишь когда, мне кинули в мордочка платье,
я нуль не стала отвечать, а один умывшись накинула своё гардероб, которое едва прикрывало бедра, пошла домойЯ поставила для ложе зеркало, который бы мне было всё видно, опять позасовывала его туда-сюда и начала тихо закручивать её в себя. Начало всё шло хорошо, где-то прежде четверти, потом стало труднее. И вот наконец-то пришел сутки, если они приехали.
Сына мы отправили к бабушке, купили причина, накрыли стол, и только бы

Я надела для его шею ошейник и плотно затянула, для руки изза спиной браслеты и сцепила их между собой и ошейником. Теперь его руки были изолированы.
- Встать! В ванну, спешно!
Потом прочистки я приказала ему лечь спиной на низ в ванной, обмыла его душем, и принялась сбривать всю растительность для его лобке, попе и прилегающих местах, впоследствии чего вновь поставила его раком и еще ополоснула душем.
капельки смазки. Если ёлочка вошла наполовину, человек застонал.
Она хитро улыбнулась, раздвинула свои ножки(она была в юбке, и я увидел её трусики). Она подняла меня с лавки, (я был очень возбужден, и честный говоря с трудом сдерживался, однако я не знал который она хочет исполнять).


There's not considerably to say about this shop but one phrase...stunning. The moment you enter the shop, you are reminded as to why they have some of the greatest designer bags on the industry. I say this due to the fact the store's inside brings a traditional decor louis vuitton hobos, equivalent to no issue how many new luggage/firms hit the trend scene, the monogram luggage will constantly possess that traditional flair.

I arrived by this location to see the interior and just get an expertise of the store ahead of I produced a acquire for my darling girlfriend. She wouldn't at any time permit me to spend this much on her if I gave her a heads up, but a excellent lady justifies it all. I will obtain a bag for her from LV as extended as they keep on creating delicious products. What I enjoy most listed here in comparison to other brands on 5th voie, and so forth...the customer support. I say loui vuitton since in comparison to the LV keep found inside Macy's at Herald Square, you are not taken care of like you really don't belong since of skin color. Indeed, I went there...I threw the "Race" card and for great cause. Regardless how I carry myself or how my organization has positioned me to gown, it appears security nonetheless sense I don't belong. This is 1 of the factors I will not visit the thirty fourth Avenue place. I take pleasure in safety guards assuming how considerably I can manage by the color of my skin, as opposed to what's inside of my bank account.
Even so, this location welcomed me with open up arms and not like a second fee citizen. Right here, only my pounds make a difference, not the shade of my skin. And in the market for designer products, shouldn't that be the only issue of concern anyway? Immediately after generating my very first pay a visit to below in 2008, I can see why ladies adore LV bags and it is certainly why I will keep on purchasing luxury louis vuitton purses for my girlfriend.
Lovely large retailer!! Drool!! Too poor it isn't really worth it for a Canadian to buy here. We get Louis Vuitton items for 5-ten% cheaper than US stores. And spending duty isn't really worth it possibly. But this flagship shop is extremely nice. They have all the wonderful ostrich leather merchandise. It's equivalent to the stores in Hong Kong.
My sister and I came in below to purchase matching bags and we felt as if had been have been in a Chinese subway fighting for an eggroll.

Beneficial salespeople, but its so crowded, that the line to purchase was 15 minutes lengthy... we still left and will buy them from LA.

Also, there ended up no embossing or engraving companies presented like the retailers in California... peculiar.
The support is phenomenal. The salesperson genuinely did the greatest he can to consider to accomodate. Although the fit of my desires ended up getting a bit as well big, I walked out happy and happy.
Fellas, I'll explain to you what - I keep my IRA with LVMH, final 12 months it showed louis vuitton handbags fifty six%up. And here's the reason why.

LV baggage are state of the art. Definitely, they seem overpriced but say that in 10, twenty, thirty a long time (I bet you'll nonetheless have your previous LV purse). No other brand name can beat the top quality.
Found on the 1st ground of Bloomingdales flagship keep on 3rd Voie (corner of East 57th Avenue), this Louis Vuitton boutique is a single of the handful of consignment boutique locations that the model has found within a department retailer in the New York Metropolitan area (the other two places are Macy's Herald Sq. flagship shop and Macy's Garden City shop). Incredible assortment, the boutique is extremely properly held and stocked with the brand's well-known leather-based merchandise these kinds of as carry baggage, sneakers, and eye use. The potential to use one's in-property Bloomingdale's cost card provides additional points to this area. Great to verify out if you're in the region and want to steer clear of the hordes of customers at Louis Vuitton's flagship shop at the corner of Fifth Voie and East 57th Avenue.
As per this shop, I chose it due to the fact I go there for al sales. Just kidding, there are no sales actually. This is my favorite keep however. I desire the service arrived back again to the degree it was.

There is completely nothing I can say mistaken about this keep! It actually is amazing from exhibit windows to lv free shipping in aspect and environment which really sets the mood so high! Every flooring is twinkle in my eyes!
I shopped listed here for the very first time and super excited to turn out to be a family members member at L.V. (hehehe) The staffs are so professional and not snobby which is the finest factor at a substantial end retailer.
Even though the place is crowded occasionally... what do you count on? it is L.V. after all and the area is a super principal attraction place!


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