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A Trip of a Lifetime - Italy 2003

  • Spsteps1
    Synchronicity. It was just the right place to go, the right time in our lives, the right combination of every element involved. What a blessing to have the chance to spend 10 days with your father - as an adult - to speak of all kinds of things, to visit your roots, re-trace the steps of your grandfather (and his father) and encounter magic and wonder at every turn...

Another Trip of a Lifetime - Italy 2006

  • Img_9264
    Twice in a lifetime seems too much, but it was just as good the second time as the first. In many aspects, it was even better; closer with family than ever before. And flying back First Class because of an airline error wasn't bad either...

Butterfly World 07

  • Z_path
    A Saturday morning trip to Butterfly World in Coral Springs, FL ends up surpassing our expectations in every way. It was like walking into a dream.

Butterfly World - Again!

  • Bw39
    When Grandpa and Grandma came down to Florida at Christmastime 2007, we just had to show them how cool Butterfly World was.

Cape Cod 03

  • Zinnias
    Our first father/daughter trip together. We travelled up to Cape Cod to see grandparents and find Blueberries!!! And some seafood and ice cream and beach time and... unforgettable memories!

Cape Cod 06

  • Boo_nonnies
    The second father/daughter trip to the place of my roots. Magical and peaceful memories for a lifetime.

Fishing Pictures

  • The Fishin Barge
    When Andy's Diner opens one day, these will be some of the pictures on the wall...

Guest Chefs @ Andy's

  • Viet_lemongrass_chicken
    When the challengers come to Kitchen Stadium! One in particular keeps the pictures and the gastric juices FLOWING. Go Auntie! Go Auntie!

A Malbec Quest

  • Cavia
    Two friends strive to sample every Malbec they can find. Their opinions are those of amateur vinophiles, but their thoroughness is the stuff of legend!

Andy's Humidor

  • Juan Lopez Assortment
    It's my favorite way to end a great meal... out in the Florida Room, watching a ballgame or just relaxing!

La Luna Cigars

  • La Luna Cigars - Photo 4 - Signage
    A boutique brand on Calle Ocho in Miami's Little Havana. Known by locals and "Luna-tics" the planet over.

Padron Cigars

  • n_Padron
    Their tag line says "...quality is a matter of family honor" and they couldn't have written anything more appropriate. My Saturday morning visit produced a deep respect for the Padron family, a heightened appreciation of their quality products and the happy expectation of many a Saturday morning to come visiting some new friends.

Tabacalera Perdomo

  • f_perdomo
    It is hard to miss the determination and commitment of this cigar company. With over a dozen different brands, culminating in the legendary "Edicion de Silvio", the Perdomo family is dedicated to carrying on the legacy of their patriarch Silvio and the values he came to embody.

Deeply Delightful "Hondo"

  • h_Hondo
    If you are a Cigar Aficionado and will be visiting Buenos Aires in the near future, then you MUST visit "Hondo" in the city's sparkling new Puerto Madero area. Hondo means "deep" in Spanish and my evening there was DEEPLY DELIGHTFUL!

Fairchild Tropical Garden

  • Ftg8
    Lucky enough to live very close to this jewel of a spot in Miami.

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Don't even get me started about Sandra Lee. This looks fabulous. Perfect for our sub-zero weather. But at least it's sunny.


Nothing can compare with the real stuff, I agree. Glad you can have a taste of real italian food down there....What are you cooking for Christmas, btw?


You're right about Food Network - seems to have jumped the shark, with all the bloody competitions, junk food, and trivia.




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