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La Luna Cigars - Photo 4 - Signage

Well, after walking away with a sampler of African Fuertes, Natural Fuertes, Maduro Fuertes and LHB "Little Havana Blends", I would say that I will be testing out that tag line of "Miami's Best Kept Secret". I'm going to let the cigars rest for a couple of weeks in my humidor as the humidity in the store didn't seem to be very consistent.

According to Mr. Simmons, La Luna Cigars were previously rolled by Torano Cigars, but at this moment, they are going to be rolled in house in Danli, Honduras. They predict that they will start production with the African Fuertes but will also be starting a new line named after one of the founders. This "J. Marta Perez" line will be very select cigars.

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