> A Trip of a Lifetime - Italy 2003

Pic 7 - Casacalenda

Pic 7 - Casacalenda

On the road to Casacalenda

On the drive up to the town our family is from, I had to pull over and shoot the town as we approached. Little did I know that if you use a digital camera AND a big fish-eye lens, you MUST use a tripod or anchor yourself really well on the hood of the car. In the LCD screen on the backside of my camera, the resolution is so minimal that the picture looked really great until I downloaded it and saw that it was - like many others that day - blurry as could be!!! I wanted to scream... or go back this year and take the pictures all over again ;)

AND... It is important to note that according to local lore, Hannibal parked his elephants just up the road from Casacalenda in the Second Punic War.

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